Lithuanian Public Libraries: Digitisation of Cultural Heritage & Elibrary

Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania is in charge for 4 public funded projects in this area:

Project “Development of Lithuanian integrated library information system LIBIS”, provides access to national union OPAC ( and individual libraries catalogues, allows users to reserve books and use common user card in whole network of public and other participating libraries in Lithuania Project “Development of Virtual Electronic Heritage System” involves libraries, museums, archives and is aimed digitising out of copyright materials to be presented on common national portal Selected materials appears on Europeana portal. In the second phase of the project about 3 mln. pages of publications, 17 thousand museum objects and 130 thousand digitised vinyls will be added to the Digital library.

Project “Development of Interactive Electronic Services for Ordering and Receiving of Editions and Publications at Public Libraries” aims at establishing electronic services in public libraries, related to search, order, receiving and return of documents on a self-service basis.

National literature iLibrary is in proposal preparation stage. It shall create Lithuanian literature e-book collection adapted for e-readers.

Library for the Blind is developing Virtual Digital Library for the Blind that is funded with EU structural support money. It will allow target group to get access to digitized audio books and periodicals.

Ramune Petuchovaite
Senior Specialist, Ministry of Culture

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